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“With 100% funding now available from Startup Direct, this is an amazing opportunity for you to own and run your own business.”       

Amanda Hilario, Franchisor  

Why Choose Us?

Your Opportunity for a bright and solid future 

  • Turnover in excess of £300,000 within three years
  • Generate Gross Profits of more than £60k from each van
  • Own, build and manage an exciting profitable business
  • Generate long-term predictable revenues
  • Enjoy significant earnings
  • Reap the rewards of all your hard work

A Robust, Proven Business Model

Screen Rescue's success is underpinned by a proven business model that when followed closely, drives predictable and profitable results from day one.

Our advanced management systems enable you to run your business on a real-time basis putting you in control of all operations as they happen.  These systems reliably remove most of the usual anxieties associated with running any new business.

Large, Exclusive Protected Territories 

Our territories are available across the UK and provide each franchise partner with the opportunity to manage and grow a successful mobile repairs service.

Well-documented, factual demographics ensure we award more than enough business potential for your future growth, so when your business is ready, you can expand from one van to more with no need to buy additional top-up areas.

High Earnings Potential

As with most franchise businesses, your road to success is relative to the time and effort you are prepared to put in. Hard working franchise partners can typically expect to generate a turn-over in excess of £300,000 within three years and gross profits of £60,000 from each van.

We ensure each franchise territory has the business potential to support at least three vans, making your long-term earnings and future expansion potential with Screen Rescue significant.

Generate Repeat Order Business from the Commercial Vehicle World – now worth £27.5bn to the UK’s economy

In 2012, Screen Rescue chose to avoid the unpredictable arena of reactive 'supermarket footfall' repairs to the private individual motorist.

Instead, our repeat order business model drives predictable and profitable results from day one, generating repeat volume business from all sectors of the ever growing Commercial Vehicle World.

This ensures you are able to develop a growing client, whilst building a stable business with the longevity vital for a successful and sustainable future.

Windscreen & Glass Repairs only Service – no replacement works

We are a repairs-only franchise, so there is no need to carry out time consuming, complicated windscreen replacement works or transport bulky glass. This means that your Technicians benefit from a better health and safety working environment with no heavy lifting and you have more time to manage and grow your business.

Professional, Head-turning Corporate Mobile Ford Fiesta Van

Your fully equipped mobile van reflects the distinctive Screen Rescue branding and professional image that gets you noticed on every journey you make. You will also benefit from prominent sign written contact details, so your van acts as your own mobile advertising unit further increasing brand awareness in your own territory with every client visit you make.

Advanced Repairs Equipment with Unique Technology Capabilities

On a daily basis you will build and develop client relationships within all commercial vehicle sectors whilst you and your team deliver an extensive range of advanced windscreen and glass repair services.

Visiting your clients on a regular and reliable basis, you and your team will benefit greatly from operating with the industry's most advanced repairs equipment.  Unique technology capabilities enable Screen Rescue to handle even the most challenging of damages no others can attempt.

Significantly, our advanced technical equipment is recognised as the leading repairs equipment in the industry today. 

Comprehensive Training & Coaching Programmes to NVQ Level 

Screen Rescue deliver a comprehensive training programme, preparing each new franchise partner for the journey ahead.  

You will receive extensive training, coaching and ongoing support to meet all your business needs from start-up to expansion.

We understand new franchise partners face a steep learning curve of unfamiliar skills, operations and business processes, so you can expect dedicated training and ongoing support with the individual guidance necessary for your own franchise success.  

Our comprehensive training and coaching programmes include: 

  • NVQ Level 2 Certification in Windscreen Repair 
  • Induction Training Programme – 15 business days  
  • Targeted Business Launch – 10 business days 
  • Ongoing Business Development & Coaching Programme 
  • Head Office Central Operations – Daily Support

A Sustainable, Recession Resilient All Year Round Business 

Pothole breakdowns 'highest in more than a decade', says RAC (Source: Fleet News 2018).  The result: windscreen damages are at an all-time high giving rise to over 22 million ‘Screen Rescue’ repair opportunities every year.

An Ever Growing Commercial Vehicle World 

Brits dependence on Commercial Vehicles revealed as new research shows 9 in 10 would be worse off without them (Source: Fleet News 2018).  The Commercial Vehicle Industry contribute £27.5 billion annually to the UK economy and now cover 61 billion miles of UK roads each year (Source: Fleet News 2016). 

"There are 5 million commercial vehicles on Britain's roads and they play a vital role in powering our essential services. Britain's CV's are the backbone of our economy and manuafacturers invest heavily in technology with the latest CV's on our roads today, the cleanest, safest and most advanced in history." says Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive. (Source: Fleet News 2018)

Exceptional Annual Growth with Excellent Returns

Screen Rescue has achieved an annual growth of 33% year-on-year over the last three years.

When investing in a Screen Rescue franchise, you have the opportunity to operate a proven, scalable business model that returns increasing profitability levels year-upon-year, whether operating from one van or more.

Investors in a Screen Rescue franchise can expect excellent returns, healthy gross profits, above average net profit margins and a recession resilient all year round viable business with exceptional franchisor support.

Screen Rescue provide everything you need to get your business off to a flying start, so why not give us a call?    

For more detailed information call: +44(0)1728 860762 or click: Franchise Call-back Request and one of our recruitment team will contact you.

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