100% Distortion-free Glass-Scratch Removal & Polishing

Glass-Scratch damage can be caused by wiper-blade wear, winter ice-scrapers and even jewellery scuffs!  We can handle most glass-scratch damages! 

With the Unique Technology Capabilities of our 100% Distortion-free Glass-Scratch Removal & Polishing equipment, we can vastly improve the aesthetics of most glass-scratch damages, returning the glass to near perfect at a fraction of the cost of a replacement

  • Front & Rear Windscreen Glass-Scratch Damage? - we can solve your genuine problem, saving you the need for costly replacement windscreens 
  • Panoranic Roof Glass-Scratch Damage? - a Dealership's nightmare we can solve at a fraction of the price of a replacement panoramic roof  
  • Drivers Window or Passenger Windows Glass-Scratch Damage? - no need for any replacement windows!  We will save you the downtime and great expense usually involved    
  • Sun-roof Glass-Scratch Damage? - we can even restore the older models too
  • Screen Rescue’s Lifetime Windscreen Guarantee is awarded with all of our windscreen repairs:

Get in touch for more information about what Screen Rescue can offer you, or TELEPHONE: +44(0)1728 860762 and talk to the team behind it.  We would love to hear from you.